Royalty Free License

All paid HDRIs on this site fall under this Royalty Free license. The free HDRIs are licensed as CC-BY instead.

What You Can Do

  1. You may use the HDRIs for personal, educational and commercial use.
  2. You do not need to give credit or mention where you got the HDRIs from whenever you use them.
  3. This license does not expire, you may use the HDRIs for as long as you wish and as many times as you wish.
  4. You may sell or print artwork created using these HDRIs, as long as the HDRI itself is not prominently visible (takes up more than 40% of the image).
  5. Stockpiling is permitted and encouraged, however we recommend that you retain a copy of this license so that you do not unintentionally violate it in future.

What You Can't Do

  1. You may not redistribute the HDRIs in any way, even as a part of a larger project (e.g. training material, bundles, artwork source files, etc.). If you wish to do this, you may:
    • Instead use the free, low-resolution version (1k or lower) which is licensed as CC-BY.
    • Contact and request special permission to redistribute them. We may require an additional payment depending on the context and details of this request.
  2. If an HDRI is used in a studio environment, the license belongs to the original purchaser of the HDRI. If an employee of the studio was the original purchaser and the studio wishes to retain a copy of the HDRI for future work, the studio must purchase an additional license for themselves. If the studio was the original purchaser, individuals wishing to take the HDRI home for personal use must purchase a license for themselves.

Other Technicalities

  1. The HDRIs do not belong to you, you are only licensed to use them.
  2. While HDRI Haven owns the copyright to all the HDRIs sold on this site, occasionally a brand name, logo or other copyrighted design may appear in the HDRIs. It is the responsibility of the purchaser not to infringe on these copyrights in their own work.
  3. The purchaser indemnifies HDRI Haven against all claims or damages arising out of or in connection with his/her use of the HDRIs, especially relating to copyright infringement.
  4. If the purchaser violates this license, HDRI Haven reserves the right to revoke this license and follow legal action against the purchaser.
  5. HDRI Haven may change this license at any time, and will announce such changes on this site for an appropriate period of time.
  6. We are located in South Africa, and thus South African law applies to this license and any legal disputes between HDRI Haven and the purchaser will have to be settled in South Africa at the purchaser's expense.
  7. If any part of this license is deemed illegal, it shall not affect the validity of the rest of the license.

If you wish to contact HDRI Haven, please email us at

Definitions of Terms Used in this License

  • HDRI: One of the 32 bit high dynamic range images purchased or downloaded on this site.
  • Purchaser: The individual who paid and downloaded the HDRI which falls under this license.
  • You: The purchaser.
  • This site: This website (available at and any sub-domains associated with it.
  • HDRI Haven: Refers to the individuals who work on the content available on this site, typically the copyright owner (Greg Zaal).
  • We: Same as HDRI Haven above.