Super High Quality HDRIs for a Super Low Price

16384 x 8192

Our full-resolution HDRIs are massive, giving you crisp shadows, reflections and backgrounds.

24 EVs, Unclipped

All of our HDRIs capture the full range of brightness, giving you photorealistic lighting.

What's the deal?

Hi there! My name is Greg Zaal, and I'm a CG artist and Open Source advocate.

I've worked on a few short films, Blender add-ons and training materials for sites like CG Cookie, CG Masters and BlenderGuru.

I started creating HDRIs for fun and because it was challenging, but after a while I began to realize that there are really no affordable places to find proper high quality HDRIs.

Sure, there are many places you can get HDRIs, but they are always either low quality (e.g. low dynamic range with flat boring lighting), low resolution, or far too expensive.

I don't believe that the quality of an artist's work should be limited by the size of their wallet, so I created HDRI Haven to give everyone easy and affordable access to professional HDRIs.

"These are the highest quality HDRs I've seen online. 24EVs is insane. Greg's understanding of both 3d and photography has resulted in an unbeatable pack of HDRs. If you need high quality lighting and reflections for your CG art, look no further."

Andrew Price
of Blender Guru

"I've already used HDRIs by Greg in my works. But now we got insane 16k resolution for such a reasonable price. Unbeatable."

Gleb Alexandrov
of Creative Shrimp


Most HDRIs out there will cost you somewhere around $10 or $30 each.

But beautiful lighting should be affordable, so all HDRIs here are $5.95 individually, and even cheaper in a bundle.

This means that you could buy several of them for the cost of a single HDRI somewhere else.

Free Stuff Too!

All HDRIs are Free

You can download the 1024 x 512 resolution version of every single HDRI for free, no sign-up required.

You can use them for any purpose, and if you need a bigger size, it's just $5.95.

Free Full-Resolution Samples

Before you decide to take out your wallet, why not first see if it's worth it?

Help yourself to a small collection of completely free HDRIs at the full 16384 x 8192 resolution for you to enjoy.

"Such a high resolution for such a low price, you'll find nowhere else! Using these HDRIs for several of my projects, I can say that I'm totally satisfied with the high quality results.

Thanks to Greg, 10 of his HDRIs are available in one of my Blender training products, and for that I wanted the best possible quality, which I got here.

The example scene you can see above was lit by using only one of these great HDRIs."

Zacharias Reinhardt
of AgenZasBrothers

"If you're looking for a huge variety of awesome environment textures, then HDRI Haven is a must-have in your arsenal. Superb quality. Period."

Reynante Martinez
Artist and trainer

"Lighting with HDR images often means tweaking nodes, settings or adding extra lamps. The HDRs from HDRI Haven however give you crisp shadows, razor sharp reflections, pixel perfect backgrounds and photorealistic lighting right out of the box.

It's an awesome resource, and the price is simply unbeatable. What else could you possibly ask for?! Oh right, more images!"

Sebastian Koenig
Tears of Steel, BFCT

Ridiculous Resolution

Compare EVs

All HDRIs are a crazy 16384 pixels wide and 8192 pixels high. That's 134 megapixels!

This means that:

  • Shadows cast by tiny light sources like the sun or a light bulb on the other side of a golf course at night will be extremely sharp.

  • All your reflections will be crystal clear, especially on flat surfaces like the ground.

  • You can use the HDRI as a background image without any pixelation visible.

If you have an older computer or need to save a bit of memory, fear not! Incrementally lower resolutions down to 256 x 128 are included in the download as well.

Magnificent Quality

Compare EVs

You often see other HDRIs that were shot with 12 or even 16 EVs of dynamic range, but have you ever seen one with 24 EVs?

"EV" is short for Exposure Value, which is used as a measurement of the dynamic range of an HDRI. The more EVs an HDRI was shot with, the greater the potential contrast and accuracy to real life.

In practical terms, that means unbelievably beautiful lighting right off the bat.

No complicated node setups, plugins or additional lamps required.

Every single HDRI on this site was shot with care and precision using techniques discovered from experience. When I was not satisfied with the quality of HDRIs I could produce using expensive professional tools, I created my own workflow from scratch, utilizing open source software such as Blender and RawTherapee to process the raw camera data without losing image quality.

Ready to Rock?