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All 100 HDRIs published in 2016

16384 x 8192

All HDRIs in this bundle are massive. At around 134 megapixels, they give you crisp shadows and reflections every time.

Up to 27 EVs

These HDRIs are unclipped, meaning they contain the full dynamic range necessary to give you photorealistic lighting right off the bat.

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Some (not all) HDRIs in this bundle come with a wide selection of free matching high-resolution backplates, adding up to a total of 687 backplates in the whole bundle.

A "backplate" is an ordinary photo that was shot at the same time as an HDRI for the purpose of being used as a background image in your render.

All 687 backplates come in 3 different formats to give you absolute control over your final artwork:

  • RAW files

    The original raw photo with a high bit-depth.

    Useful if you want full control over the image to make your own artistic adjustments.

    A raw photo editing application such as Photoshop, Lightroom or RawTherapee (free) is required to open these files.

  • Unedited JPGs

    Similar to the RAW files, but with a lower bit-depth to reduce file size and allow compatibility with all software.

    Minor edits such as removing chromatic aberration and other lens artifacts were done.

  • Edited JPGs

    The same as pictured to the left.

    Attributes such as contrast, saturation, highlight compression, etc. were adjusted to make the image more attractive and give you an idea of what's possible.

HDRIs in this Bundle:

Partial Eclipse$5.95
Lenong 2$5.95
Park Bench$5.95
Rocky Ridge$5.95
Wobbly Bridge$5.95
Fish Eagle Hill$5.95
The Sky Is On Fire$5.95
Cave Wall$5.95
Dam Road$5.95
Green Point Park$5.95
Table Mountain 2$5.95
Symmetrical Garden$5.95
En Suite$5.95
Rhodes Memorial$5.95
Urban Courtyard$5.95
Courtyard Night$5.95
Street Lamp$5.95
Dry Field$5.95
Mpumalanga Veld$5.95
Preller Drive$5.95
Table Mountain 1$5.95
Gray Pier$5.95
Parking Garage$5.95
Secluded Beach$5.95
Skylit Garage$5.95
Signal Hill Sunrise$5.95
Noon Grass$5.95
Simon's Town Harbour$5.95
Blue Grotto$5.95
Pink Sunrise$5.95
Furry Clouds$5.95
Rooftop Night$5.95
Mealie Road$5.95
Red Hill Curve$5.95
Cape Hill$5.95
Simon's Town Rocks$5.95
Signal Hill Dawn$5.95
Cloud Layers$5.95
Chapman's Drive$5.95
Blouberg Sunrise 2$5.95
White Cliff Top$5.95
Rooftop Day$5.95
Hilltop Construction$5.95
Mossy Forest$5.95
Moonlit Golf$5.95
Shady Patch$5.95
Blouberg Sunrise 1$5.95
Red Hill Straight$5.95
River Rocks$5.95
Residential Garden$5.95
Bell Park Pier$5.95
Tucker Wreck$5.95
Ostrich Road$5.95
Fish Hoek Beach$5.95
Monk's Forest$5.95
Roofless Ruins$5.95
Yellow Field$5.95
Floral Tent$5.95
Veld Fire$5.95
Champagne Castle 1$5.95
Winter Sky$5.95
Beach Parking$5.95
Learner Park$5.95
Bell Park Dawn$5.95
Mud Road$5.95
Skukuza Golf$5.95
Lenong 1$5.95
Sterkspruit Falls$5.95
Sabie Tent$5.95
Cayley Lookout$5.95
Glass Passage$5.95
Small Empty House$5.95
Vulture Hide$5.95
Kiara Interior$5.95
Cayley Interior$5.95
De Balie$5.95
Wooden Lounge$5.95
Hiker's Cave$5.95
Total Value$595.00
Bundle Price$349.00
You Save$246.00 (41%)

License: Royalty Free

Click on the thumbnails above to check out each HDRI individually and see a 360° preview, as well as more info about them such as dynamic range, time of day and a free low-res sample.

Example Renders:

Renders created using the HDRIs and backplates in this bundle:

Created by Reynante Martinez
using Bathroom
Created by Jackdarton
using Beach Parking
Created by Jackdarton
using Beach Parking
Created by Taiga Group LLC
using Beach Parking
Created by Jackdarton
using Chapman's Drive
Created by Barbara Vail
using Courtyard
Created by FormLab Studio
using Dry Field
Created by Ján Morek
using Dry Field
Created by Mero
using Fish Eagle Hill
Created by Reynante Martinez
using Garage
Created by @nomiziro
using Gray Pier
Created by Nils Piirma
using Learner Park
Created by Jackdarton
using Ostrich Road
Created by Rachel
using Ostrich Road
Created by Jackdarton
using Parking Garage
Created by Jackdarton
using Pink Sunrise
Created by Yourg
using Pink Sunrise
Created by Greg Zaal
using Red Hill Curve
Created by Zacharias Reinhardt
using Sisulu
Created by Jackdarton
using Skylit Garage
Created by Jackdarton
using Skylit Garage
Created by Dale Metz
using White Cliff Top
Created by Greg Strong
using Woods
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