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A high quality, high resolution HDRI, with free version available for download
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This HDRI comes with 14 free high-resolution backplates when you purchase the full-res HDRI.

A "backplate" is an ordinary photo that was shot at the same time as the HDRI for the purpose of being used as a background image in your render.

All 14 backplates come in 3 different formats to give you absolute control over your final artwork:

  • RAW files

    The original raw photo with a high bit-depth.

    Useful if you want full control over the image to make your own artistic adjustments.

    A raw photo editing application such as Photoshop, Lightroom or RawTherapee (free) is required to open these files.

  • Unedited JPGs

    Similar to the RAW files, but with a lower bit-depth to reduce file size and allow compatibility with all software.

    Minor edits such as removing chromatic aberration and other lens artifacts were done.

  • Edited JPGs

    The same as pictured to the left.

    Attributes such as contrast, saturation, highlight compression, etc. were adjusted to make the image more attractive and give you an idea of what's possible.


Date Published: 04 April 2017

Date Taken: 24 August 2016

Time Taken: 09:30

Dynamic Range: 22 EVs (extremely high), unclipped

Number of Free Downloads: 545

Tags: outdoor, rural, clear, sun, midday, high contrast, natural light, white, blue

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