Hi there!

My name is Greg Zaal, I'm a CG artist and Open Source advocate.

I've worked on a few short films, Blender add-ons and training material for sites like CG Cookie, CG Masters and BlenderGuru.

Other places where you can find info about me: Blender Network, Portfolio, Blog, Twitter.


As a CG artist myself, I've always found that decent, affordable HDRIs are quite hard to come by. So I decided to fix that :)

I intend for all HDRIs on this site to be:

  • As cheap as possible, without compromising quality
  • Extremely high-resolution
  • Free at a lower resolution
  • Accurate, with the highest dynamic range possible


Most of the cool little icons used on this site are from the open source Font Awesome by Dave Gandy.

And of course, thanks to all the brilliant developers of the open source software used to create these HDRIs.


The easiest way to get hold of me is through email: